Wednesday, April 17, 2013


You know Brauwerei Heller-Trum/Schlenkerla, right? We call them AECHT SCHLENKERLA here at Beer Samizdat, because that's what it says on all their bottles. They're the leading exponents of the Bamburg, Germany smoked ales & lager tradition, and if you've ever had a beer that reminded you of bacon or a pile of meat, there's a really good chance it was from them. Oh – and their beers are amazing, as well. I've enjoyed absolutely every "rauchbier" they've made – some, of course, being smokier and meatier than others. The popular "RAUCHBIER MARZEN" really stands out as a knockout. You have a Beverages & More anywhere near your house? They carry 'em there. Go there, now.

Wait – read this first. I tried the AECHT SCHLENKERLA EICHE this past week, and it too was excellent. It's their dopplebock, and it looks like Eiche means "oak smoke". Any Germans in the house? It's made with Hallertau hops, and "the malt is kilned with oak wood". That sounds like a blast. It has the patented smoky smell, and a glassy, wet mouthfeel. The polar opposite of a dry beer; this is something you'll want to let linger a few extra seconds before you gulp it down. I found it more restrained and approachable than the beers of theirs that flat-out say "rauchbier" on them, those I love those as well. Totally recommended and thankfully fairly easily attained. 8/10.

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