Friday, March 29, 2013


They're just falling off the shelves and into my waiting hands, these imperial reds. I can't drink them fast enough. They're the Double IPA of 2007; the Imperial Stout of 2008; the Belgian IPA of 2010 and the Sour Ale of 2012. Hot hot hot, and there are a ton of great ones out there, obviously (or as my pal La Lengua would say, "OBVS"). Latest in a great and growing line is BLACK DIAMOND BREWING's "FRACAS RED". I had it last night, and I'd like to have it again tonight and Saturday night as well. I'm pretty sure you'd like it, too. Here's why.

"FRACAS RED" has all the classic signs of the hopped-up red ale. It coats the tongue with malts, and stuffs a hoppy backbite right up at the roof of your mouth afterward. You didn't even feel it coming – but there it is, lingering long and large. It's 8% alcohol, yet smooth and easy. I honestly was fully and completely sober and straight 60 minutes after I finished it. If you're lucky enough to get a gulp of this ale with a bit of foam in it, you'll think you died and went to imperial red heaven. Get going with it immediately after the pour, and you'll see what I mean. Best beer from this Walnut Creek, CA outfit by a country mile. 8.5/10.

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