Thursday, March 7, 2013


How have you folks been liking the "OVILA" series of faux abbey beers from SIERRA NEVADA so far? Me, I haven't found much to complain about. Haven't really had the complete set yet, but that "Dubbel" was pretty good, don't ya think? (I had it another time after the review I linked to, and liked it better). I certainly dig that they're now being sold in 12-ounce bottles and fact, that seems to be a very welcome trend in packaging that's likely a response to the rise of the beer-centric "single-bottle" store. There are so many of us artisanal beer dorks out there tasting a new beer every other night that there's a demand for single servings of high-alcohol beer in bottles, rather than always making them in jumbo 22-ounce servings that you need a friend over to drink with. (Of course, you can always drink those by yourself too.....).

I had a draft glass of the new "OVILA QUAD" during SF Beer Week last month, and it was so goddamn great I thought it might've been a fluke. So I bought one. It's no fluke! It's a fantastic quadrupel ale. Rich and redolent of plums, light grain and caramel, it totally holds its own with any Belgian equivalent. It's got a wonderful sweetness and a very rich body, almost like a port wine. So great. Really happy to see the continued innovation coming out of Chico the past several years. They could've hung up the spikes years ago & coasted on the pale ale revenues, and they did exactly the opposite. 9.5/10.

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