Friday, March 22, 2013


PRAIRIE ARTISAN ALES out of Tulsa, Oklahoma are doing everything right. They've got two brothers running the show who look exactly like you'd expect stereotypical heads-down craft brewers to look - the beards and everything. Their bottles have wonderful labels that beg you to pull them from the shelves. Their ratings are super-high on the beer boards. They've got a deal with Shelton Brothers to "export" the beers out of Tulsa and onto the shelves of places where I shop, for instance. Which is important, and good for their overall business health, I reckon.

I bought a bottle of "PRAIRIE ALE" because I loved the label art, and because "Belgian saison" are two words that just sing to me. It poured a hazy yellow and knocked me halfway to Daly City with its intensely rich fruit and yeast smell. Lemon, grapefruit and grain combine for a slightly "wetter" saison that is typical - and one that tastes outta this world. Yet check this out - I poured the second half of the bottle into the glass, and it was like a totally different beer. Something like a pound of yeast came out, and was like nothing I'd ever seen - and I've been drinkin' this type of beer for many a year. I mean, it wasn't hazy or cloudy, it was the sort of clouds that proceed that monsoon of the century, the kind that floods Sri Lanka. 

I drank it anyway, but I knocked my rating down just 'cause that was so weird, and it really made for two different beers. Beware bottle conditioning - you might get something a little left of center. Don't want that to "cloud" that fact that "Prairie Ale" was a terrific beer, and has me ready to jump on anything else I see from these Tulsa roughnecks in an Oklahoma City minute. 8.5/10.

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