Tuesday, March 26, 2013


When someone is kind enough to go out of their way and send you a rare beer from their home state, it feels sorta wrong to then get on your blog and start flogging that beer mercilessly. So I'll be kind on this DOCK STREET BREWING "ABT 8", which really doesn't deserve a vicious flogging anyway. It was great of Mark from the Kaedrin Beer Blog to send me this as part of the most awesome batch of east coast beers he flung my way a couple months ago. (Among that batch was the Clown Shoes/Three Heads Brewing "Third Party Candidate", which was otherworldly).

This one had some serious promise: A dubbel! (We love dubbels). #112 of #180! (That's rare!). Mark digs it! (He don't lie). Yet I found it to be both over-boozy and over-grainy, and that's just not a combo that sits all that well with me when I'm drinkin' and note takin'. I can taste caramel and dark fruits – like I'm supposed to – and a little toffee, but then there's that big wheaty mouthful of grain and a hot booziness that's not all that pleasant. I have another one by Dock Street that I'm psyched to try soon, but I'm afraid this one just didn't pass our rigorous and exceptionally thorough judging criteria. 5.5/10.

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