Saturday, February 16, 2013


What's a surefire way to bring a bunch of fat-walleted beer dorks into your bar? Tap takeover!! Part of SF Beer Week's appeal lies in the fact that so many bars around the San Francisco bay area have featured nights where nearly or all of their taps are controlled by a visiting brewer. This usually means not simply beers you already know & love by a given brewer, but rarities, experiments and one-offs. Being a fan of just about everything San Diego's GREEN FLASH BREWING have ever done, I reckoned last Sunday's tap takoever of theirs at a SF bar called Churchill's might be something I'd wanna check out. Here's what I tried:

GREEN FLASH - "HAMILTON'S 6TH ANNIVERSARY IPA" - Ahhh, the living and breathing definition of the "west coast IPA" is right here, in my hands. Fresh, citrus tang of orange,  pineapple and grapefruit. Long and dry finish, with bittering hops lingering on the tongue for a good minute. Absolutely terrific IPA and well in the upper echelon of said category. (Apologies for my photo of it) 8.5/10.

GREEN FLASH - "BELGIAN RED RYE 7TH ANNIVERSARY" - Not exactly sure whose anniversary we're celebrating with this one, but this is a smooth, low-carbonation red ale that's bready but also muy hoppy. Complex and difficult to pin down. Rye can be a pretty jarring ingredient, can't it? I thought this was delicious and would love to explore it some more if I ever see it again. 7.5/10.

I seriously think I've had upwards of 12 different Green Flash ales in their time on the planet, and not one of them has ever been short of "very good". We need to show this brewer some more respect, don't you think? 

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