Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Recently had the chance to trade beers with Mark at Kaedrin Beer Blog for a second time, and man, was I hoping he'd send me one of these. TIRED HANDS are a brewery that pop up in his posts more often that any other beermaker, given their proximity to his place of residence, but it's not just him. Dave, The Drunken Polack, seems to end up there quite a bit as well, and he's quite the fan. It was just too much for a Californian to endure. I needed some of this hooch.

TIRED HANDS' "HANDFARM" is beloved on Rate Beer and Beer Advocate. It's the one Mark sent me. It's a "wine barrel-fermented four grain saison". Tell me more! Well, it's produced in small batches, and brewed with rye and oats. Some real artisanal stuff here, ladies and gentlemen – and it's really great. It pours a very light yellow color, with lots of cloudiness. It's tingly on the tongue, a little soapy and yeasty with a moderately bitter aftertaste. The "aged" elements show well. It truly does taste like a slightly aged and tart saison. Certainly not the typical saison fare, if a saison can be said to be typical. Excellent. Mark, send more! 8/10.

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Dave said...

Glad you got to try this sir. Top notch brewery. Have to stop by there everytime I up to PA