Thursday, February 28, 2013


I pity the poor fools – which is most of us, including me – who can't regularly buy the rare bottles being sold on-premises by SANTE ADAIRIUS RUSTIC ALES in Capitola, CA. From what I'm gathering, any random visit down there during their tasting hours might result in some wild new bottle of Belgian-style ale being available for take-home. Or maybe not – maybe you'll be SOL as I was the first couple of times I burst through their doors. Last time, however, I walked out with a hefty 22-ounce bottle of "16E – CHARDONNAY BLONDE", a 6.2% abv oak-aged Belgian-style blonde. I lorded it over Twitter and Facebook, with photos posted and much braggadocio being thrown around. Then I drank the thing last night.

"CHARDONNAY BLONDE" is precisely as advertised, a blonde Belgian ale with a rich "oaken" taste. White grapes and pineapple are the predominant flavors, and yeah, it totally has the buttery mouthfeel of a glass of chardonnay. Your wine-loving partner is kinda meh on your beer obsession? Give (them) a glass of this – it might just be the bridge beer (they're) looking for. Aw hell, I mean that SHE'S looking for – who am I kidding? The hard oak on the finish might be a little much for (them), but you'll love it. As the beer warmed, it actually turned into something pretty yeasty and more Belgiany that it was at the start – how about that? Another solid ringer from our new Northern California beer craftin' heroes. 7.5/10.

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