Tuesday, February 26, 2013


This post's a little bittersweet, folks. You see that photo taken from the ledge in our kitchen of CLOWN SHOES and THREE HEADS BREWING's imperial red collaboration ale "THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE"? You've seen many such photos on this blog, all taken in the same spot, and all taken with the same "camera" - the one in my iPhone. I've joined the legion of traitors who are turning their backs on Apple in favor of bigger screens and faster networks and have ported my number over to an AT&T Samsung Galaxy SIII. This was the final beer photo taken on my iPhone. All subsequent Beer Samizdat photos are gonna be full-on Android to the max. I'm sure you and your friends will be talking about it all week.

But never mind that folks, you should be talking about this goddamn beer! What an imperial red it is – an imperial red ale of the godz. As good as it gets. This is a blend of two already-existing beers from the respective brewers; one is an imperial amber already, and the other is an "oatmeal red ale". I'm not sure what this is – sounds like something Black Shirt Brewing might have dreamed up – but I'm all for it. It's a big ale, 10% alcohol, and it has rich, chewy, bready caramel malts and an exceptional hop bite. Toasty and herbal in parts as well. This is the best blend of two beers since SOUTHERN TIER's "GEMINI" and right in that league. Thanks to Mark at Kaedrin Beer Blog for shipping this winner all the way across the country to me. Now I'm gonna go play with my new phone some more and maybe dial up an order of a case of these. 9.5/10.

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