Sunday, January 27, 2013


If you're coming out to Northern California anytime soon, and you're reading this blog, naturally a trip up to Santa Rosa and RUSSIAN RIVER BREWING CO. is on your agenda. You're probably gonna stay at a hotel or motel in San Francisco that allows you to stumble to City Beer Store, The Abbot's Cellar, La Trappe or The Monk's Kettle. You might even book an afternoon at the Lagunitas Taproom or BART over to Oakland to check out The Trappist and/or Beer Revolution. All fabulous choices, and I applaud you for them. Let me attempt to convince you to take another day onto your visit, so that you may drive the 80-90 minutes down from SF to Capitola, and that so you may behold the brewing wonders being created every day at SANTE ADAIRIUS RUSTIC ALES.

Nah, no one's paying me for all this hype. I just love their beer, now that I've found it, and I'm not alone at all. Just read all the frothing on their Facebook page. The people are going nutzoid for Tim & Adair's beers, and because every one of 'em I've had are fabulous, I'll keep letting you know about them if you don't mind. Got a chance to head over there this past weekend, and even walked out with a bottle of a new beer of theirs, CHARDONNAY BLONDE, an oak-aged ale. Naturally, I'll give you the lowdown on that when the time is right. Here's what they had on draft this time around:

ANAIS – This is the "house saison", upon which I can only assume other iterations have been built – like the outstanding SAISON BERNICE. It's funky, dry and crisp, with the smell of wine and white grapes. There's subtle fruit on the tongue, and it's smooth going in and very dry on the aftertaste. A classic Belgian farmhouse quencher that I'd love to see bottled. 8.5/10.

– This is a "farmhouse IPA" with Citra hops. Absolutely a Belgian IPA through and through, with more of an emphasis on the Belgian-y musk and yeast flavors than the hops. Huge lacing on the glass (I'm told that's a good thing), chewy aftertaste, a little funk, loads of carbonation and really really fresh. I don't know if it's just an experiment or something Tim & The Gang want to throw into their regular lineup, but I say thumbs up either way. 7.5/10.

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