Thursday, January 31, 2013


MAINE BEER CO., the 'lil nanobrewery who turned into a, um, microbrewery sometime in the past couple years, are very often in the beer trades I engineer with east coast drinkers. This time I was fortunate to get a new one from them in a swap with Mark C., known to you and the world over as Kaedrin Beer Blog. I've always though the Maine Beer Co. stuff was pretty decent but it never quite hit the heights I'd imagined they might. I dunno why, it might be the sparse labels and the small type and the eco/hippie/New England back-to-the-land vibe, but I guess I keep hoping for a homer from 'em, yet keep settling for infield singles and high-bounce ground-rule doubles.

"MO" is a pale ale from them, and it hits the scales at 6% alcohol. It's hoppy, and it's tart, but not like a Belgian IPA, say. More like aspirin, the flavor bane of the pale ale. It's got a huge foamy head – please see my photographic evidence – and a soapy aftertaste that I didn't cotton to. Now I might be loco en la cabeza on this one, because the people who peruse and rate things over on Beer Advocate call this a 95/100, i.e. "World Class". Beer Samizdat, on the other hand, says 6/10, which clocks out at "a smidge above mediocre".

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Anonymous said...

I recently had Zoe, and was not that impressed either. Hopefully other beers I try from them match the hype.