Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I've got a pal who travels up Nantucket way to visit family on occasion, and he's remarkably been kind enough to bring me back a big bottle of beer from Nantucket, MA's CISCO BREWERS not merely once but twice. Three years ago it was something called "Lady of The Woods",  an oaked, imperial witbier packaged in a lovely bottle. This time it's just as wacky – a wet-hopped, brown (not black, brown) India Pale Ale imaginatively called "WET-HOPPED BROWN INDIA PALE ALE". It's part of their "Island Reserve" series, as if I could feel any more privileged than I already do. Let's have a look.

This is a beer that, unfortunately, only started connecting my synapses together in a positive manner by the time I was midway through my second glass of two glasses total. Prior to that point, I'd registered that it was a roasty, burnt-tasting IPA in which hops dominated and wrestled to the ground the slightly off-putting chocolate/charred taste. It's slightly nutty as well, likely a chestnut sort of taste common to the brown ale. It tastes "big" for sure, and really does live up to way you'd dream a brown ale/IPA hybrid with imperial characteristics might taste like. Intense, and like I said, once it all got humming in my head I started to kinda like the thing. Had I satisfied myself with a mere pint of it, I might have rated it a bit lower than its eventual score of 6.5/10. Thanks to Chris for allowing me to try it.

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