Monday, January 21, 2013


San Francisco brewing heroes ALMANAC BEER have been around making superb beer – not even a mediocre one in the bunch - going on three years now. Whaddaya think about that? After releasing a new barrel-aged, fruit-packed ale every season or so, they've started to ramp up production and diversity, and just checking into their website today, I'm finding that there are more knockouts that just arrived. So it's time to get on the stick, as they say. I did so the other evening, drinking down a pint of the delicious "BIERE DE CHOCOLATE", which is something they've put together with San Francisco chocolatier Dandelion Chocolate. It's damn good, just like you knew it would be.

Many beers have chocolate hints and aftertastes; this beer is a mildly creamy but super chocolaty ale. It's only 5.5%, so the flavors don't have  to compete with much alcohol nor that burnt/heavy taste you sometimes get in dark, chocolate stouts. It's brewed with vanilla, which we're taught as kids is the yin to chocolate's yang, but far as I can tell this is a choco-beer, and the vanilla just complements the full-bodied flavor. It has (and retains) a strong foam head, and even after sitting in front of me for ten/fifteen minutes, "Biere De Chocolate" had a rich cocoa smell that begs for a fast-n-powerful quaff. Maybe that's why they call it a "table beer". I'm in. 8/10.

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