Sunday, January 13, 2013


It's 2013, and I've been doing this beer thing for a while now. Well over 20 years if you wanna get technical about it, but at least 7 or 8 as a full-blown beer dork. I think by now I can pretty much discern which beer styles make my heart beat faster and my wallet come out quicker, and which styles make the sides of my mouth droop and my serotonin flow slow. I'm looking at you, black IPA - you too, imperial stout. Here on the other hand, are the styles I'll buy and/or order at the bar 9 out of 10 times:

1. Imperial Red
2. Dubbel
3. Saison
4. IPA - American-style, please - and a Double is very often better
5. Belgian Strong Dark Ale
6. Barrel-aged anything, except maybe a stout
7. Flanders Red
8. Pale Ale (yes!)
9. Hefeweizen (don't laugh!)
10. Any other Belgian variant - tripel, "singel", Belgian golden etc.

  With that in mind, and considering what my #1 is right now, I bought a bottle of ALASKAN BREWING's "Imperial Red" the other day. I haven't bought something from Alaskan in a few years, maybe since their "Smoked Porter" (which is really, really good BTW). This 22-ounce bottle is part of their "Imperial Pilot Series" - so there! It really hits all the imperial red notes: malty, spicy, very hoppy, and great aroma. Big in flavor, and I like that. It's medium bodied, and dare I say potentially over-hopped by just a little bit, while nice and warming with 8.5% alcohol. Perfectly good beer on all fronts, and I enjoyed it whilst consuming it - just no mindblower. Next! 7/10.

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