Tuesday, December 11, 2012


CISMONTANE BREWING are a new brewer located in Eastern Orange County, CA – Rancho Santa Margarita, to be exact.I thought that this might have been the city in which the Heaven's Gate cult met their end, but I was mistaken - that's Rancho Santa Fe, down San Diego way. "The OC" is an area literally busting out with terrific beer these past couple of years. It's certainly not just The Bruery any longer. Many of these new warriors' beers aren't well–distributed where I live in Northern California, so when I see a SoCal beer I might not otherwise have a chance to relish, I'll usually pick it up & see what happens. Such was the case with "COULTER IPA" from these folks, which you'll be happy to know has very little if anything to do with conservative dumbkopf Ann Coulter.

"COULTER IPA" is fruity and fairly unchallenging, the yang to the beer we reviewed yesterday's yin. I taste very present caramel malts and muted hops. It's a very "normal" IPA with unfortunately little to distinguish it outside of that deeper malt body and a richness that's a cut above many cookie-cutter IPAs. Reasonable people may disagree, but I'll give it a respectable 6/10 and a capital E for Effort.

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