Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Maybe that's something you can say with a straight face – I'd have to have more than one of these in me to even attempt it. MAUI BREWING have received some deserved props for their canned "Coconut Porter", and thanks to that, their distribution seems to be pretty far and wide as well. This one, "SOBREHUMANO PALENA'OLE" was significantly more limited in nature, and I'm not even sure if they're around anymore. I had a can sitting in my beer fridge the past few months, and brought it out for consideration recently after seeing in the fine print that Jolly Pumpkin Brewing were involved. Jolly Pumpkin!!? Now we're talking.

"SOBREHUMANO PALENA'OLE" is, as they say, "very fruit forward". It's vaguely sour, especially on the top of the proverbial palette, and the tastes are of cherry and passion fruit. It pours an amber/brown color, and is quite heavy in carbonation. I can see why that fizziness might color the not-all-that-great reviews I've seen of this one. Perhaps the sourness I'm tasting is something I shouldn't confuse with tartness. Cherries can be tart, right? It's 6% alcohol and was very friendly going down. I can't say I was blown from here to the Kaanapali Coast by it, but I'd certainly rate it a solid 7/10.

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dontdrinkbeer.com said...

you need to lock down the JP version of this. I was at MBC last year when they were talking about this and I was like "wait, you dont have any cooling/offsite tanks for wild strains" and they didn't seem to care about what I was talking about and showed me the canning line instead.

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