Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Welcome back from all of the Christmas and holiday season hullabaloo, folks. Aren't you glad that nonsense is over. We get it on all fronts at my house. My background is purportedly linked to Christianity; my wife is Jewish; we go all-guns-blazing on Hanukkah and then race down to my parents' place in San Jose every year for Xmas Overload Apocalypse. It's over. Whew. Let's drink some beer.

But wait - a Christmas beer! Hark, and what a Christmas beer! You may remember that we reviewed an EAGLE ROCK BREWING ale in these pages once before (take a look at that link - ain't that a pretty picture I took?). We found it somewhat wanting. Not so the case with "JUBILEE", an excellent "old ale" that these LA folks have somehow imbued with the Christmas spirit and the ghosts of hangovers past. It's a beautiful, well-constructed spiced ale that's sweet but only subtly so. Any bitter tastes, like you might find in an intense barleywine, are offset by that sweetness. Nutmeg may or may not be present. You'll taste it anyway if you're properly in the moment. Everything is just clean, robust and delicious, and contra the usual case with these "old ales", it's not grainy and chalky in the least. Kudos to these Los Angelinos, and not just for their eye-popping packaging either. 8.5/10.

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