Monday, December 24, 2012


I'm going to talk to you now about a beer I'm ready to dub an American classic, a beer all the more remarkable because it's one I'll actually allow myself to consume in 4-packs. (Perhaps like you, I'm such a beer dork that I get nervous if I have to drink the same beer twice in a row). Ladies and gentlemen, I'm talking about GREEN FLASH BREWING's "HOP HEAD RED". Ah yes, I see the nods of recognition and approval already starting. Seems this is a beer that pretty much everyone loves.

I got a fabled four-pack over the Thanksgiving holiday as my wife, son and I escaped broader family commitments and basked in a warm rays of Palm Desert, California at a family condo "compound". The only good beer to be had for miles around was found at a "Bristol Farms" grocery stores - think Whole Foods with higher prices, worse selection and some of the worst prepared food you'll ever encounter. They had the Hop Head Red. I had a debit card.

This is a sublime imperial red ale. Caramel malts and biting hops swirled together in absolute harmony. There's a smoothness that mellows out what it a pretty combustible concoction overall - it has edges and corner tastes that are really deep and intense, stinging hops not the least of them. Hop heads still love it. Malt-bomb freaks love it. It's 7% alcohol, so people who like to get their buzz-on love it. I love it. 9/10.

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