Thursday, December 13, 2012


It wasn't that long ago that I was going bananas over a saison called "DEBAUCHED" made by the roaming gypsies at STILLWATER ARTISANAL ALES. I mean, this thing was up there with Dupont and the whole farmhouse-style Belgian crew as being just nails, a beer that I'd buy over and over and over again, should I have the opportunity to. (I don't, and neither do you, as it was a one-shot deal). Naturally one's thoughts turn to whether or not Stillwater could pull off something this fantastic again. I'm delighted to report that they did.

This year's amazing saison is called "DEBUTANTE", and it was made in collaboration with THE BREWER'S ART in Maryland. According to the bottle, it was actually brewed at "Dog Brewing" in Westminster, MD. Whereas "Debauched" was billed as a Scandinavian farmhouse ale, this one's purportedly an American farmhouse ale. It's incredible, folks. A spicy, fruity saison with perfect carbonation and a lingering foam head. Buttery and smooth, with the taste of apricot and nutmeg & other zinging spices. One gulp and you know you're rocking with the godz. I know Stillwater like to make other types of ale, but it would appear from the evidence presented that they're becoming one of the masters of the saison. Hopefully this one's still out there for all of us to stash away many, many bottles. 10/10.

2 comments: said...

saison you say? what is this new style?

Mark said...

Haha, Alex made a funny.

Seriously, I've passed over this beer a few dozen times over the past year or so. I'll have to pick it up the next time I see it!

I'm pretty sure the grand majority of Stillwater's US-brewed beer comes out of Dog brewery. He's a gypsy, albeit one with a general home base territory...