Friday, November 16, 2012


Last time we checked in with LOGSDON FARMHOUSE ALES, our new Oregon heroes, it was to sing the praises of their Seizon Bretta. We weren't alone. Just judging by what my local beer retailers are stocking, this is their runaway hit, with lots of restocks going on and much blather in the blogosphere about this ale. It's most certainly deservedly so. We thought we'd see if they've got magic up their proverbial sleeves twice, and locked ourselves down with "KILI WIT", their African spice-inspired witbier – or, as we say in the States, "white beer".

"KILI WIT" hits all the right notes and then some. It's juicy and yet finishes dry at the same time. Very peppery, with tons of lacing and foam. There's a deep sort of earthiness that makes you want to slip into something comfortable and spend some time with the thing, You know, get to know it deeply and stuff. It breaks no radical style boundaries for the witbier, and yet has that certain something that makes it refreshing and complex and distinguishable from its cohort. Over here we'd call that something like a 7.5/10.

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