Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I drove through hell's half acre last night to get myself to Oakland's Beer Revolution in order to drink beer from DUST BOWL BREWING. Seems that right now this is the only establishment in the greater San Francisco Bay Area serving beer from this excellent new-ish Central Valley brewer (Turlock, to be exact). I had their fantastic "XR471 PALE ALE" in July, also at Beer Revolution, and was so impressed that I dropped an email to their distributor and asked where I might find their ales, particularly this new 22-ounce bottle of "HOPS OF WRATH" I'd read about. Beer Revolution, he told me. OK.

So not only did I walk away with a bottle – of course I'll provide a full debrief once I've tried it – but I had this lovely glass of their "BELGIAN STRONG DARK ALE" last night as well. By the way, Dust Bowl, nice imaginative name for the beer!! It's an 8.3% ABV classic Belgian abbey ale, about which Dust Bowl says, "Our first Belgian style to be released falls somewhere between an Abbey style developed at Trappist monasteries and a Dark Strong. The use of relatively large portions of sugar in the brew give added alcohol while lightening the body of the beer. Belgian yeasts provide spicy and fruity aromas.". You know, while I might have been able to say it better myself, I probably couldn't. I too noticed the lighter body and the sugary taste, which wasn't overly sweet. Fruity aroma and taste for sure, and for a first-ever Belgian-style ale, I thought it was right on the proverbial money and a very solid drink. Two for two, these guys. 7/10.

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