Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I'm sure that most recent review I posted a few weeks ago sounded like a cry for help, or a surrender of sorts. I suppose it sorta was. To be honest, the beer habit just hits a solid wall sometimes and it drops from a rabid passion to being an annoyance. I've been enjoying the past few weeks of simply drinking some new beers, without photos, notes or blog posts. Just the way normal people do. I know I've also hinted at and sometimes very explicitly written about my personal aversion to getting too wrapped up in alcohol. Beer is a wonderful drink, but I see way too many apologists for it who spend many nights of their week getting hammered or near-hammered, and who reflexively start drinking just to keep their days or nights on track. I'd like to think I'm still sober enough to call that a problem, and I know I often fight these tendencies myself. This demon alcohol, baby – one it gets its meathooks into ya, it don't like to let ya loose.

Yet let it be known I have no intention of surrender just yet!! All the aforementioned aside, beer culture continues to explode and multiply and attract new converts every day, and I still wanna be a part of it. So Beer Samizdat will continue to be a repository for beer-related musings when I feel like it, but I hope you'll excuse me for not reviewing every glass I have. I truly can't imagine that's all that valuable to anyone, anyway. I'll try to call out the masterpieces here – so that you may go buy them – and try to comment, with pithy and withering asides, on the whats and wherefores of our chosen liquid pleasure.

So what happened these past few weeks? Well, one of our local lifestyle magazines here in San Francisco put out a beer issue, confirming for the locals that beer is hot-hot-hot. The best beer I've had since late October was probably my perennial triple-IPA favorite, MOYLAN'S HOPSICKLE, but that one aside, you gotta try "MONK'S BREW" from MIKKELLER, a 10% ABV quadruple aged in red wine barrels with raspberries. That really spiced up the night this past Friday. I've been finding myself in an "imperial red" mood quite frequently, with not enough imperial reds out there to buy on a whim. So I returned to GRAND TETON BREWING's "Pursuit of Hoppiness", and found it to again be pretty great, just a notch below really great, you know what I mean?

Keep your feet on the ground, keep reaching for those stars, and I'll see you again in this space sooner rather than later.


Mark said...

Glad to see you posting again! I keep wondering if the bottom will fall out of my beer obsession, but so far, it's been steady. Or, er, escalating. But I do try to refrain from reflexive drinking you mention. To me, it's much more about flavor than getting hammered. Anywho, looking forward to more posts, as always!

Jay Hinman said...

Thanks, Mark. I hate to sound like the big nanny here, just being honest w/ why I quieted down. My love for great beer continues unabated.