Thursday, October 25, 2012


What is a beer blog, anyway, other than a passionate drinker (think about that for a second) unlyrically and subjectively waxing about what his beer tastes like to his legion of 25 barely-interested readers, scanning it in their RSS feeds for the payoff score at the end? I really haven't put much attention into my note-taking as of late, but I at least can still remember what the beers of the last two weeks (many of which were consumed in England) tasted like. They tasted like this:

LONG TRAIL BREWING - "Double White" - This one was really good
MAGIC ROCK BREWING - "Rapture" - Also pretty good
ILKLEY "DARK" - Good one
SHARP'S "Hayle Bay Honey IPA" - I think this one was sort of good
CAMDEN TOWN BREWING - "Pale Ale" - Good, but not as good as some other ones
THE KERNAL - "Chinook IPA" - Now this one – this one was really good
SUMMER WINE - "Teleporter" - I thought this one was good! Not as good as the one before this one, though
HARBOUR BREWING - "Double IPA" - Also quite good, more good in fact than many beers
YOUNG'S - "Bitter" - Not good, not good at all

We hope this has been a valuable service to Beer Samizdat readers!


Chris said...

For what it's worth, I would rather have a picture with a five word review frequently than sporadic 200 word reviews. Enjoy yourself and share with us; don't feel obligated to fill our down time.

Derrick said...

That was a good post.

Mark said...

So Really Good > Pretty Good > Good > Not Good. I think I got it. Heh.

Michael Fischer said...

I'm glad to hear craft beer is alive in the UK. I think most of our American styles are inspired by our cousins across the pond.