Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Not every day does a Californian get a crack at an 11% ABV, bourbon-aged English-style barleywine from Pennsylvania, but then it's not every day that one trades beer with an actual Pennsylvanian. I got my crack at "INSANITY" from WEYERBACHER BREWING, a beer from a fairly well-regarded and longtime brewer hailing from those parts. Nothing I've had from them in the past really floated me to the astral plane, but everything was decent enough, far as I can remember. "Insanity" is better than that, and if you'll allow me, I'll elaborate.

It really has been a while since I've had a barleywine – like maybe since the Noel of 2011. This one which is, again, aged in bourbon barrels – tastes like it. There's no head at all. See the photo? It puts forth a booze smell, but is not harsh on the swallow – and that's good. It tastes of caramel and rich, frothy cream. If I had to pick a fruit this reminded me of, well, I'd go with dried apricot. In a month that brought many delicious beers into my belly, this was one of the most deliciousest. 8/10.

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Mark said...

Score! Glad you enjoyed this, and it actually does represent a big improvement over the base beer (called "Blithering Idiot"). In other news, I popped the cork on Red Poppy the other day and was completely blown away. Thanks! (A review is forthcoming, of course...)