Thursday, October 4, 2012


There's getting to be a certain sameyness to my beer scores of late – a lot of 7's and 8's – so let's quickly discuss that. My take on it is thusly: because I buy new beers based on prior knowledge or intuition of either the brewer, the style or the beer itself, one might expect that those beers would generally rise above a mean of 5 out of 10. One might expect that, generally speaking, these might be some pretty good beers – with some being excellent. As it turns out, that's usually the case, which is precisely why the "average score" here at Beer Samizdat is something closer to 7.5 rather than 5. I do hope you understand.

I also hope you know that a simple beer review site is not, and has not, been my aim. We'll get back to doing interviews and pithy commentary soon, I promise.

How about a review, though – right here, right now??!! I bought a bottle of ALPINE BEER CO.'s collaboration double IPA with New Belgium without a second thought because, well, it's an IPA from Alpine. You know what that means if you've ever had one; which, sadly, many individuals walking our planet have not. They make "Nelson", "Duet", "Pure Hoppiness" and even "Exponential Hoppiness", all excellent, except for that last one, which I've never had (but they tell me it's the sh*t). As Dave the Drunken Polack says, this beer's really all about Alpine. If New Belgium were involved, I'm going to assume it was in packaging and distribution and scale – and good for them for helping a brother out.

"SUPER INDIA PALE ALE" is what it's called, and it's damn good. It's piney and hoppy in all the right ways, smooth and tongue-coating without much harshness, although there was just a tiny "note" of medicinal aftertaste. Overriding flavor is one of tropical fruit, and not much of a malt backbone – but that's ok, because it's a sticky, hoppy, pine bomb. We kinda like that sorta thing over here. 8/10.

2 comments: said...

That beer is dank and has fueled the trading flames on Alpine wares, as though they even needed that at this point.

sticky icky ooh wee.

Barleywhiner said...

I really liked this one. Dank was how I described it as well. Lips of Faith are pretty hit or miss for me, but I've enjoyed the last two, this one and the Peach Porch.