Friday, September 21, 2012


While I can't get New Hampshire's SMUTTYNOSE BREWING's beers anywhere near where I live, I've been fortunate enough to stumble across some top-drawer ones from them over the years. GRAVITATION is one stellar number I had back in 2009 in Boston, the night Lux Interior died. :( There was a WINTER ALE that I totally dug. And now baby makes three. Thanks to Kaedrin Beer Blog for slinging a "REALLY OLD BROWN DOG" my way, for it was a truly choice "old ale" and perhaps a bit surprising in that I expected a solid 7…..and lo, I got more!

ROBD, as we're calling it over here now, is a full-bodied, malty beer with lots of character that brings it forth both upon first swallow and in the aftertaste. It's a rich ale with sweet plums and figs as dominant flavors. Don't that sound good right about now? It sure did on Wednesday night. It has a lingering head that was truly still there down to the last sip. ROBD also has an oakiness that gives it that "expensive barrel-aged ale" taste that we love so much. It's also a real head-buster at 10.9% alcohol, but I don't recall complaining one little bit. 8.5/10.


Sean said...

When I lived in the Northeast, Smuttynose beers were always part of the starting rotation. They were all high quality brews, and usually relatively inexpensive as well. You could usually get the six packs for $7.99, and the bomber bottles were often $3.99, and rarely more than $5.99. Smuttynose may not be your staff ace, but they were solid middle of the rotation guys, and provided moneyball value as well

Jay Hinman said...

It sounds like we're talking some Jeremy Affeldt-type value here, as opposed to Matt Cain/Sergio Romo type delivery.