Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We paid a visit to the new "Jane's Beer Store" in Mountain View, CA the other evening, and in the course of events there, we not only met Jane, we bought a couple of beers made here in the San Francisco Bay Area that we'd never seen elsewhere. One of them was made just up the road from Jane and her Beer Store – well, it's being marketed there. It was actually made in Belgium, but by a Palo Alto-based brewer unsurprisingly called PALO ALTO BREWING. I've seen a couple of their beers around, all with cartoony labels, never suspecting that they'd already gone pro enough to brew a Belgian-style ale at the hallowed De Proef Brouwerij in East Flanders. Nice! Nice lacing? We'll see about that.

NICE LACING is a Belgian rye IPA, and let me tell you – it has a TON of flavor. Just not good flavor. Way too much rye, along with some apricot, funk and yeast, and a strange balance thereof. It has a dry finish and a big alcohol kick (8% ABV). It may have been brewed at De Proef, but I wish it was from De Proef, you know what I mean? They'd have known what to do with this thing. 5.5/10.

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Beware of the word "Belgian" followed by a string of conflicting adjectives. brett-coffee-chardonnay barrel-galaxy hopped-Dortmunder is probably suspect.

also, I reviewed Adam from the Wood today, peep it out man. Still no email interview from you, I am game.