Tuesday, September 25, 2012


You take a look at this bottle and tell me that you wouldn't have immediately reached for your wallet. Another fresh hop ale, from a brewer you haven't heard of, touting single-farm sourcing, and wrapped in weaved a blanket of straw? Man, if you didn't spring for this one on the spot, then you're much stronger than I. Sourced from the Kuchinski Hop Ranch in Lake County, California, RUHSTALLER "HOP SAC" is one of several new beers from Sacramento's Ruhstaller Beer, who are manned by Peter Hoey, whom I recall being the head brewer at the defunct ODANATA BEER CO. not long ago, and who made a pretty big splash w/ them among the beer cognoscenti at the time. Now he's brewing up new beers packaged in straw baskets for RUHSTALLER, and has donned the increasingly popular "farm to pint" mantle for his ales.

Well, I may have been hooked in by packaging and novelty, but I wasn't exactly hoodwinked. "HOP SAC" is a sweet, very malty IPA, light and fruity with really no traditional tastes of citrus nor pine. It does indeed taste fresh and clean, and it's pretty easy on the body as well (6% ABV). They compare it in their materials to a witbier, and I'd say that's about spot on. It seems like something that's not quite up to the sum of its parts, but it definitely didn't dissuade me from checking out Hoey's other beers either. I'm game if you are. 6.5/10.

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Michael Fischer said...

I'm just like you. Fell for the packaging when I stopped at Ikeda's in Auburn. I would give it a similar rating. I love your reviews and comments. Keep up the good work.