Monday, September 10, 2012


After the glories experienced whilst consuming ODELL BREWING's "SABOTEUR" last year, I've made a point of hunting down & trapping any limited and aged beers I can get my hands on from them. It's been a while – nothing during the "Beer Samizdat era", anyway. These are beers I have to travel to find, or trade for, or order online. I pursued the latter option in order to secure this bottle of "SHENANIGANS", an oak-aged crimson ale, as it says right here on the bottle. I figured it would be pretty spectacular, and I was pretty right on all counts.

"SHENANIGANS" is an exceptionally pleasing mash of Belgian brett ale, a malty amber beer and a fruit ale. For reals! One tastes both strong caramel malts, as found in beers of the amber persuation, and a delicious and refreshing brettanomyces tartness. Then there's citrus, honey and plum flavors to round out a complex but very drinkable beer. "Shenanigans" includes alcohol of 9.1% in its total makeup, and is big, full and meaty while remaining approachable by virtually all comers. I thought it was pretty goddamn great. 8/10.

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