Monday, September 24, 2012


Had any Norwegian fresh hop ales lately? I have. I had a bottle of "HESJEOL" from Norwegian masters HAANDBRYGGERIET sitting in my beer fridge the other day, and seeing as how they harvested all these hops for me in Norway several months ago, I figured it was time to pay tribute to 'em and drink the thing. You know we have a bit of a fixation on Haandbryggeriet over here at Beer Samizdat if you've been reading lately. We think they're the proverbial bee's knees. Let's see how they do it with fresh hops up Scandinavia way.

HESJEOL is very sweet for its ilk, and malty as all get-out. It has some sharp spicing that's quite a surprise, and even a little smokiness. This isn't a fresh hop ale in the Sierra Nevada, Russian River sense of the term. It's a foamy, malty ale with the hops quite muted and turned into a pleasing sweetness - not, uh, hoppiness. My bottle says it was from Batch 355 and there were a mere 1,080 bottles made. That might mean something to ya. Overall, pretty first rate. 7.5/10.

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