Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Listen, I could be wrong on this, but I believe this may be the first time in my 6+ years of blogging about beer that I've ever reviewed a bottled beer from Los Angeles, CA. It was a horrific beer wasteland throughout the 1990s, when I visited the city on many occasions (getting a Rolling Rock meant you'd hit paydirt), and outside of Santa Monica's excellent craft beer bar My Father's Office, remained that way for the most part until the last five years or so. The good brewers down there, like CRAFTSMAN BREWING, have tended to remain draft-only, and therefore my only chance to discover the new LA beer culture is to head down there (which I've done a few times), or hope the stuff makes its way into the SF Bay Area, where I live.

Not much does - in fact, until this EAGLE ROCK BREWERY's "POPULIST" IPA showed up on the shelves of Redwood City's K&L Liquors, I'd say nothing has. (Orange County's The Bruery doesn't count). I'm already partial to these guys, because not only are they brewing in East Los Angeles, they're affecting the same sort of BS quasi-revolutionary stance that this very blog does in their marketing and elsewhere. The beer? 'S okay. "Populist" is a bitter and highly carbonated IPA. It's lighter in both color and body that most india pale ales. The fruit is both citrus and tropical in nature, and it drinks pretty easily. It doesn't really push any boundaries nor do anything that's really special - it's a workingman's IPA, and most days that's good enough. 6.5/10.

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Nat said...

I have not had this beer yet but was impressed with Eagle Rock's hefeweizen earlier this year. LA can still be pretty lame for beer. Went up last weekend sightseeing and stopped and ate at a place in the trendy Grove shopping center. The restaurant had four taps, two working, which were two types of Shock Top. At the adjacent LA Farmer's Market, which is old-time LA (don't laugh, it's really cool), found a place selling Stone IPA and a few other craft beers. Slowly but surely.