Friday, September 14, 2012


We came back from our Santa Barbara/Central Coast sojourn riding a beer high, thanks in strong part to having found some small-batch FIGUEROA MOUNTAIN BREWING bottled ales and lagers while traveling, as well as to having tasted their outstanding, world-beating brown ale, Davy Brown Ale. We tried to ignore that we didn't like their IPA all that much during that same trip, and concentrated some positive energy on those labels! That brown ale! Those labels again! Man, that brown ale was great! Pretty, pretty labels!

Two of the three beers I brought home with me – Davy Brown was the other, to be saved for a day when someone yells at me and I get a flat tire – were consumed during the past 2 weeks. Neither was a bad beer. Neither was especially mindblowing, either. A small part of me died when they failed to deliver scores of 9/10 again. I so wanted to "out" these guys as a major player, to be the one Northern California blogger "happening" enough with the Central Coast brewing scene to know about, and celebrate, this new upstart from Buellton, CA. Mind you, I more or less dug both beers. Here's what happened:

FIGUEROA MOUNTAIN BREWING - "Danish-Style Red Lager" - Was told at the beer store that this was the one from Figueroa Mountain Brewing that I had to grab. It was very hard to find the "Danish" in this, but that's OK. It pours a translucent red and has no aroma to speak of. Medium carbonation, with a taste of malts, a little sweetness, and a little lager chalkiness. While not a very clean taste, I finished this thing up and pronounced it good enough. 7/10.

FIGUEROA MOUNTAIN BREWING - "Hurricane Deck Double IPA"- Another kinda thin one from FMB; an astringent, thin-bodied double IPA that's purportedly "made for hopheads" with four kinds of hops. I found it lacking a little in balance and not creamy enough for my tastes. It grows on ya a little, but I didn't get much of a jones going through the course of this one. 6/10.

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