Wednesday, August 1, 2012


These guys like to say "This ain't no Folgers" with regard to this stout ale, and that's for damn sure. WILLIAMSBURG ALEWERKS are located in colonial Williamburg, Virginia - well I guess I don't know about the colonial part, since my entire experience with the state of Virginia is restricted to the age of 0-1 (baptized in Arlington's Christ Church!!) and a 2004 work stint the Tyson's Corner/Fall's Church area. So I guess I don't know a whole lot about Williamsburg, but I do know that Dave The Drunken Polack was kind enough to send me this beer as part of the de rigeur "throw-ins" that typically constitute the bonus segment of a cross-country beer trade. I'm mighty glad he did. 

COFFEEHOUSE STOUT as the name of a beer really doesn't leave much to the imagination, now does it? This coffee-dosed stout has a thin body and almost no head on the pour. It is a light and easy drinker, and veeery creamy. Like espresso with milk, with hints of vanilla and cocoa (as opposed to chocolate per se). Nope, not a chocolate beer, and not a throat-scorching imperial stout for fat boys with beards. I'd like another one of these someday soon, perhaps when I tour the musket museum on my next trip to Williamburg. 7.5/10

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Dave said...

Whenever you want more sir just ask. I'd love to send you another box. Hope all is well!