Monday, August 27, 2012


You know those people for whom craft beer is not a lifestyle but a life? The ones who'll actually wait in the lines on bottle-release night, who swap $50 Cantillons in the mail every week and go orgasmic for the anything with a wax candle-dip on the cap and a unique bottle number on the side? There's a part of me who truly wants to be that guy, but I'm afraid I'm still stuck in "lifestyle". Yeah, that's probably a good thing. Yet I can descend into the nadirs of jealousy and envy just like any human, and when I read what the fella behind Don't Drink Beer blog is drinking every week (great blog, by the way - we'll have an interview with him soon), my inner fire begins to smolder, and I wonder if I can't just up my game a little bit and start hauling in the big, rare and delicious ones a little more often - money be damned.

So when San Francisco's City Beer Store had a bottle release night this past Thursday evening for a barrel-aged sour called "FIGARO" from acknowledged Oregon-based sour beer masters CASCADE BREWING, believe me, I wanted to get involved. Maybe max out on the bottle limit of three, and trade a couple away for a Cantillon "Lou Pepe" or a "Squatter's Fifth Element". Oh yeah, and drink the other one - right? Work and life intervened, as they so often do. No, I couldn't get down there until Saturday afternoon, and no, they didn't have any more bottles. One upmanship will have to go to the other guy, again.

Consolation prize? I got to drink the beer anyway. City Beer had "FIGARO" on tap - and it was terrific. Yeasty and funky even in the nose before I even enjoyed my first sip, and once I got into it - really into it, nose buried in the glass and all that - I tasted a tart but not dry sour with flavors of overripe nectarine and those "donut peaches" that are so amazing when they're around for 2 weeks every summer. Very, very juicy. Do good sours make your saliva all thick like they do mine? Good, glad to know it's not just me. This helped calm me down about missing the bottle - a really well-crafted fruit sour that I think you sour lovers will wanna put in your collection. 8/10.


dontdrinkbeer said...

I am ready and willing to interview the shit out of this site.

Jay Hinman said...

Of course, I've already lost your email - AGAIN. What a dope. Are you able to reply to me again at Sorry man.