Monday, August 6, 2012


Let's head out to the middle of America and see how they make a Double IPA out there, shall we? Today's Beer Samizdat entry comes to us via expensive mail-order package, courtesy of The Wine and Cheese Place in St. Louis, who are the final word for procuring beer from this part of the USA. I rolled the dice and decided to try Double India Pale Ale from the heretofore-unknown SIX ROW BREWING, also based in St. Louis. One spin 'round their website and it's clear they're experimenting something mighty fierce, and have a bevy of beer style to turn your head and upend your wallet, should you find yourself on the banks of the Mississippi. Let's see how their double IPA fares.

I'd definitely call this a "light" DIPA. Not a single IPA, not quite a double, but more of a 1.5. It's unfortunately lacking in some flavor. Medium carbonation, but a thin body that seems out of sorts with the rest of the package. Juicy citrus taste is there, but is faint, and there's very little smell. I looked at the bill of materials on their website, and it seems as if everything essential was included - three hop varieties, 8.4% alcohol and so on. It has some basics down pat, though, and it was not altogether unpleasant nor actually unpleasant in the least. It's a Double IPA for people scared of Double IPAs - a decent-enough "starter", if you will, but big boys stalking the big boy beers might want to keep stalking. 6/10.

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