Monday, August 20, 2012


Remember those hops-happy hippies at the MAINE BEER COMPANY we told you about not so long ago? Of course I can't find their beers where I live in San Francisco, but they're a nice one to trade for, as their beers appear to be found fairly widely along the eastern seaboard - or the folks I'm trading with are digging way deep to help a brother out. Either way, I appreciate it, this time from Mark over at the excellent KAEDRIN BEER BLOG, an essential one for your RSS. 

MAINE BEER COMPANY eschew the trappings of corporate and even mainstream craft beerdom, and very simply and Walden-like, they package their wares in plain white "generic" labels that add a Flipper-esque coolness factor of at least 1.2x. Their "LUNCH", which is the one Mark kindly sent me, is a very good, if very basic IPA. It has exceptionally smooth hopping the ensures a nice citrus bite but not a "sting". Just a bite. It's oily, with loads of lingering aftertaste. In fact it's oily on the lips as well. That's a good thing. The foam adds a note of creaminess, and overall I'm mightly glad I got to try this one. Maine Beer Co. have nailed it with both beers I've tried from them, and they might just have to get used to making some money and getting right with "the man" if they keep this level of quality up. 7.5/10.

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