Monday, August 13, 2012


If it seems like we're covering the Brettanomyces scene a little hard here at Beer Samizdat, rest assured it's just a coincidence. We're no more given to wild ale/bacteria beer hype than you are - it's just that so many goshdarned good ones are out there getting infected,  then bottled, then sold (to me) these days. Brewers in the US are finally cracking the secret Belgian code, and are helping these "Brett" beers, well, if not the mainstream than at least the mainstream of beer dorkitude. It's a trend I'll keep applauding as long as the new breed continues to use its powers for good and not ill.

Latest evidence for a harnessing of Brettanomyces powers here in the United States is this excellent collaboration ale from San Diego's THE LOST ABBEY and Colorado's NEW BELGIUM BREWING. Together they've made "MO BETTA BRETTA", a tangy, warm and uber-flavorful blonde ale. The beer has a cartoony label with a frog motif that appears to be a parody of sorts of the 1980s/90s Budweiser talking-frog ads. It pours an orange/yellow color and hits hard with tons of fruit. Apricot is the dominant flavor here, along with an omnipresent tongue-coating yeast. Carbonation is medium, and I forget just what sort of alcohol we're talking here, just that I was safe to still operate heavy machinery when I was done with it.

In short, MO BETTA BRETTA's a real goddamn treat and I'd be ready to drink one with you right this very instant if you showed up at my house or even at my place of employment with a couple of 'em. 8.5/10.

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Barleywhiner said...

I had the New Belgium version and found it to be lacking in Brett. Later I read that the beer was accidentally pasteurized, so that might have had something to do with it. Wish I would have seen this version when I was out in California recently.