Tuesday, August 7, 2012


While the LOGSDON FARMHOUSE ALES "Find Our Beer" page would have you believe that their homegrown Oregon creations can only be found in the state of Oregon, San Francisco Bay Area shoppers know better. In the space of about two days, these bulbous bottles with cool labels and interesting-looking "farmy"-sort-of labels both showed up en masse on local beer store shelves, got a write-up in the latest DRAFT magazine, and got a big thumbs-up from local beer expert Uli Elser. And you know he don't lie. A small-batch farmhouse brewer in the Oregon wilderness, making strange brettanomyces/saison concoctions in big bottles? Include me in!

Uli said SEIZOEN BRETTA was the one that blew him away, and turned out I'd bought that very same bottle the night before he said that. I brought it out last night, even though the bottle says I could have "laid it down" until 2017 with no ill effects. I'm not taking any chances, and besides - this beer is amazing. It's an orange-colored saison, dry and zesty with just the right amount of Brett/bacteria tartness to add tang and bite. You can see from my photo that it explodes with a head of foam the size of Mt. Hood. Loads and loads of yeast are present on the smell, the swallow and the aftertaste. It's spicy, with some citrus and pear notes, and overall quite "soft" on the tongue. Some real zing in the aftertaste, though. Just a beautiful beer through and through.

Turns out that David Logsdon, the man behind the brewery, was one of the founders of Full Sail Brewing - one of the go-to 1990s brewers. He has now headed back to the land, and if his SEIZOEN BRETTA is any indication, he's a front-runner for rookie of the year and should be hauling in some craft beer hardware at the end of the season. Beg, borrow or steal to ensure you get to try this one. 9.5/10.

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