Friday, August 17, 2012


I literally, and I mean quite literally as I type this, just returned from a nearly week-long vacation w/ the family to California's Central Coast - San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara; you know, all that. Superb wine region - and starting to be quite a beer powerhouse in its own right as well. Firestone Walker and Telegraph you probably already know about. I keep reading about all these new breweries, both micro and nano, opening up in these parts, and I want to drink their ales and lagers by the bucketful. A trip with the family offers not buckets of beer, no - but I did some to central coast beers nonetheless. I'll tell you about my trip to TELEGRAPH BREWING some other time. For now, let's meet my new discovery from this week: FIGUEROA MOUNTAIN BREWING.

Truth be told, me and Figueroa got off to a rocky start this week. I ordered their "HOPPY POPPY" IPA at a bar in complete and total ignorance of who they were and where they came from - just a new beer from an unknown brewer. (As it turns out, they've been around over a year, and brew in Buellton, CA - home of "Pea Soup Anderson's!"). Hoppy Poppy has strong, chalky hops but no juice whatsover. It's highly carbonated, over-aggressive and a little scorching. My high might have been bummed because as I drank it, I learned Dwight Howard had been traded to the Lakers - but still. This wasn't how I wanted to get things going with these guys. 5/10.

Lucky for me, them and the whole beautiful world that their "DAVY BROWN ALE", pictured above, exists. Would you believe me if I told you I think this might be the best basic brown ale I've ever had? Whoa! It's a knockout. Deep malty caramel taste, a totally rich and full body, and thirst-quenching abilities despite that full body that could have, in a different setting let's say, seen me drink not one but two of these 22-ounce bottles in one sitting. And look at that label. Boom! The full package. 9/10. I bought another bottle of this today, along their Danish Red Lager (I know!) and their Double IPA. I'll be reporting on those shortly, but all they need to do is split the middle between Davy Brown and Hoppy Poppy and I'll be calling these guys one of the big boys of Central Coast brewing right here on this widely-read, extremely influential blog.

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