Thursday, August 23, 2012


It's very possible that I went off the deep end a little early about PERENNIAL ARTISAN ALES on the basis of their a-mazing collaboration ale with Half Acre Brewing, "PLAN B". After that blew my mind from here to mid-Missouri, I ordered their wheat wine "Heart of Gold" and this Belgian-style bottle called "HOMMEL BIER" via the post. The former beer rated a 6.5/10 in my book, with the embarrassed caveat that this was truly my first wheat wine, so I don't know anything about anything anyway. So I busted out the Hommel, brought out one of my favorite beer glasses, took this photo, and starting getting down with this one in hopes of recapturing some true Plan B magic.

HOMMEL BIER is earthy and extremely yeasty, yet has an almost lager-like finish. The hops are tingling, but not lingering – you get me? They add bittering aspects, but to no obvious pleasurable end point. My reaction to it is much like the "bier" that I imagine it's fashioned after – Poperings Hommel Bier, which I didn't like the first and only time I had it many moons ago. It's 5.9% alcohol, so it's certainly drinkable in that way. It's really a melange taste you need to settle in with to get used to – this Belgian, lager, hops, yeast-bomb mishmash that tastes sorta funny. I think I'm regrettably only halfway there. 6/10.

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