Monday, July 9, 2012


Despite all appearances to the contrary, not all of the hot guy-on-beer and gal-on-beer punditry action has moved over to Twitter. Nope, there are still some of us "bloggers" out there who somehow feel the call to document the obsession in true written form, and this community-of-sorts has been among the most influential of forces, if I may dare say so, in helping to popularize craft beer in the past half-decade. The internetization of craft beer just seems to work for many of us. It allows for comparison-shopping; beer trading; true online ordering; fake controversy and all manner of late-night drunken shenanigans at a keyboard.

Now I know that there are more terrific beer bloggers out there than are listed in my "Fellow Travelers in the Struggle" section you see below you and to the right. I'm sorta stuck with my favorites, and need your help finding the wizened beer pundits of 2012 - not the folks who last posted something 13 months ago, but the smart, funny and deep-seeking beer obsessives who will buy that weird-looking, brettanomyces-laden barrel-aged ale every time, no questions asked, and then write about it in a way that makes you want to rush out and buy it or mock it mercilessly. I checked the Bay Area Beer Bloggers list to see if there were some folks I'd missed whom I wasn't following in my neck of the woods, and it turns out most of their blogs had pretty short shelf-lives. Most stopped posting months ago. This is where you come in.

Who else out there has the gumption to drink two 11% ABV beers shipped to him from across the country and then blog about it that night, a la The Drunken Polack? Who else out there will go out of his way to write a screenplay about an Allagash beer he loved, a la the Kaedrin Beer Blog? Who else is loaded with snark, and is ready to call a duck a duck when it comes to beer, a la The Beer Rover? No, I already know about class acts like Tilting Suds, Ramblings of a Beer Runner, and BarleyvineI want people who will tell me on no uncertain terms what I should drink, why everyone else is wrong, and why they're right. No punch-pullers. No industry shills. No home brewers. No one reviewing Fat Tire or Newcastle. I want to know about the Belgian beer fiends, the imperial oak-aged beer lovers, and the people who line up for one-time-only bottle releases and then dork out about it all on the interwebs. Maybe that's you. Please let us all know in the comments box below. 


fabulous said...

Give it a read:

Jay H. said...

Fabulous - you're right! Excellent call, and duly added to my blogroll. Anyone balancing beer obsession with responsible child-rearing deserves a hand. My own son calls me a dork every time I haul one out.

Sean said...

'Class act'? That is going on my resume.

One of my favorite reads is an Australian beer blogging collective called Back of the Ferry. It can be a bit frustrating read as most of the beers are unavailable here, although you may have more luck on the west coast. The guys who write it are all funny and they know their beer, and their photos are outstanding. I will never tire of the pics of the sweating bottle of some local Aussie brew with the Sydney Opera House in the background or with one of the pearl white beaches serving as a backdrop. You can find them here:

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words! Two blogs I read that are regularly updated and have a unique take on the beery world:

(Despite a rolling rock review on the first page, that guy gets some of the rarest of rares, and he's got quite the strange writing style. Also, lots of goofy non-beer pictures.)

(Often pairs beer with barbecue, as its name would imply...)