Thursday, July 5, 2012


After some dithering on my part, I've decided to reverse course and start posting here on Beer Samizdat again. If a beer gets consumed, but there's no one there to read your blog post about it - did you really drink it?? 

Yeah, I'm drinking beer again, and all that talk a couple months ago was just what I'm now calling "a midlife correction". Now that I've lost the few readers I've had - I commanded them all to stop reading this one and to instead go over to my non-beer blog The Hedonist Jive for the occasional beer post - I realized that I'm just poisoning the cultural well over there with my beer talk. Better to reach the rabid beer dork community in a beer-only forum, where I can pop off with ale-centric blather whenever and however I want. I'm not the only wishy-washy beer blogger in the beer-blogosphere - just look at our pal Dave over at The Drunken Polack. He's quit more times than I have! This is only my first comeback (of many)!

My hope is to try and regain the trust and confidence of the beer community once again. Will you try and trust me? I'll be contributing reviews, broadsides, interviews with movers-n-shakers and the like, and I'll try to do it as often as I can. With any luck that's 2-3 times per week - maybe more. While you're sitting there reeling from the news that we're back, please head over to this here link and follow us on Twitter as well. Thanks, and good to see ya again.


Chris said...

That means I have to re-bookmark on all my computers.

Jay H. said...

Man, I know - I've screwed up a bunch of people's mojo today. Sorry about that.

Derrick Peterman said...

Long live Beer Samizdat!!! Someday, I might even be able to pronounce "Samizdat" correctly.