Tuesday, July 24, 2012


MAD RIVER BREWING COMPANY are located way up in Blue Lake, California, up in Humboldt County in what most people call "hippieland" or "eco-land" or "where?". They've been marketing a few of their beers under the "Steelhead" sub-brand for quite some time, and I've always been into the stuff they make. It's always better than I think it's going to be, and it frequently makes me want to hit the road and maybe drive up and visit 'em sometime. 

It was heartening to see their winning streak kept alive the other night at Jupiter in Berkeley, where I threw down with their STEELHEAD DOUBLE IPA, served on draft in this beautiful glass you see pictured here. This is smoother and more approachable than most "doubles". It's those malts - they're strong and creamy, which brings out the citrus tang of the hops in a most pleasing manner. And it truly tastes lower in alcohol than many of these as well, though after checking it out, I see it clocking in at 8.6% - no slouch, this one. It's bottled, too, so this isn't just some local-yokel thing you'll never find. Why, maybe I can even pick up a bottle for you. I proclaim this to be a fine, eminently drinkable double IPA that does extremely-North NoCal very proud. 7.5/10.

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