Friday, July 6, 2012


Yeah, unless I imbibed one without knowing it, this big bottle of "HEART OF GOLD" from St. Louis brewer PERENNIAL ARTISAN ALES is my first venture into the style of ale known as the "wheat wine". I'll tell you why I ordered it from The Wine & Cheese Place in St. Louis in the first place - it's because of this beer: the life-changing PLAN B, made by these guys and Half Acre Beer Company out of Chicago. That beer so blew me away that I swore - and still swear - I'll drink anything with the Perennial name on it. And I recently tweeted how sad I was I'd never get to have another Plan B again, and you know what happened? The Perennial tweetmaster told me that The Wine & Cheese Place still had a few bottles! So I ordered another one, and it's sitting in my beer fridge now, waiting for you to come over & drink it w/ me!

Well, this is a big one, no doubt about that. 10% alcohol. Buyer beware. It pours a rich  and deep brownish-tan color, and initially it's a somewhat off-putting leathery, grainy taste. I can't fault 'em for it - that's what happens when you've never had a wheat wine, right? I can definitely taste the alcohol, even though I read a few fellas over here that said they couldn't. Heavy wheat, grain and maltiness - the complete opposite of a hoppy beer, and deservedly so, I figure. Initially it kept me from gravitating to it, but it had one of the most dramatic warming "recoveries" ever, and by the time it was hitting room temperature, I was fairly well satisfied with it. I've got other Perennial beers in my fridge to tell you about, but this one's not too shabby. 6.5/10.

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Barleywhiner said...

I wish these guys would sending their beer across the state to Kansas City. I keep hearing good stuff about them.

Good to see you bring this blog back.