Saturday, July 7, 2012


Been very intrigued by the DEVIL'S CANYON BREWING folks since I discovered their beers during SF Beer Week 2011 & immediately added them to my list of new and totally awesome local brewers whose beer I need to drink more of. That's a growing list, for sure. I visited their stall at SF Beer Week 2012's opening event as well and was fortunate to try two of their excellent barrel-aged creations. A resolution was made to buy their bottled wares and ingest them in the home, and to one of these days to haul myself down to Belmont - a mere 30 minutes away from my house - to one of their open-house nights, at which much beer is said to flow and much mirth made.

I'm starting my program with their CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE IPA, a non-imperial IPA made with rye malt and which tastes as such. It's a bready, grassy-tasting ale with medium hopping and a real dry finish. I regret to inform that it even comes off a little aspirin-like. Citrus and pine are both apparent, neither in abundance, and once you've got a gulp down you're left again with that overly dry aftertaste that I'm not a huge fan of, truth be told. I'd definitely grab their malty, flavorful FULL BOAR SCOTCH ALE in bottles before this one, though this IPA might display more magical charms on draft. 6/10.

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