Sunday, April 1, 2012


Maybe you'd been spending an inordinate amount of time these past couple of weeks wondering why the Beer Samizdat blog's been so quiet of late. I have to admit I'd been wondering myself, but the proximate cause is pretty easy to pinpoint: lack of interest in alcoholic beverages. I'm sure this afflicts many a casual drinker from time to time, but at this moment I'm feeling my craft beer obsession has plummeted to a 5-year low, and I'm not only not interested in writing about and/or rating beer, I'm barely interested in drinking it either.

Bear with me. Waxing and waning on various hobbies and pursuits is embedded in my personality - witness the many blogs I've started and stopped in my nine-year "blogging career". My beer intake, already merely "average" relative to American forthysomething maledom, is dropping to something below average for a while. The few that I've enjoyed this past couple weeks have truly been enjoyed, with no note-takin', photo-snappin', rating-offerin' nor Twitter-braggin'. That has been actually quite refreshing - and four less things to worry about every time I engage in the purportedly relaxing pastime of having a beer with dinner or with friends.

Meanwhile I'll continue to blog about film, music, sports, TV and books over on The Hedonist Jive, which for a year or so also contained all my beer-related writing until I spun this site off last summer. Maybe I'll throw a review or two up over there again. Maybe it'll be here. Maybe I'll leap back onto the wagon in a week or two and have the mother of all "epic sessions" that I'll need to tell you about in this space. Until then, keep your IPAs fresh and your liver clean. Beer Samizdat signing off for the time being.