Friday, March 2, 2012


Finding this beer sitting on a shelf was a pretty nice surprise this past week. BEAR REPUBLIC BREWING have done pretty well for themselves with Racer 5, a hoppy IPA that you'd think would be too strong for most palates, as their flagship. Here in the SF Bay Area, it's on tap handles pretty much everywhere. So RACER X, which I've tasted on draft a few times and reviewed not all that favorably here, was something I always thought was going to be in that Pliny The Younger sorta category - hauled out at festivals and on special occasions to get the beer-drinking hoi polloi all excited and stuff. Nope, it's bottled now. So I bought one, and here's what I thought.

Actually what I thought about this 22-ounce bottled version isn't all that significantly different than what I thought/think about the draft version, except that I like it better this time - a lot better. First of all, this Double IPA is great. It's hoppy, it's piney, and it's got a big-deal, throat-deep aftertaste that's strong but thankfully not harsh.The body's pretty thin, and you know what, there's almost no aroma to this thing - which is surprising given the strong and delicious taste of it. The foam from the initial pour lingered a long time and it just all tasted so fresh. RACER X is not the big tongue-bruiser some of its compadres are, but I'd be hard-pressed to imagine a lot of grandmas and schoolteachers going for it. Nope, us pound-packing double IPA lovers have us yet another bottled treasure to call our own. 8/10.


Bryan Kolesar said...

Still one of my faves since I had it several years ago at The Bistro, on a day I thought it was better than most of the rest including PtY. Be fun to see bottles show up here on the East Coast.

Derrick Peterman said...

I think "Racer" is better in its imperial form since the extra malt gives it a "juicier" character, and makes it more balanced. But then, I'm more of a malt guy than a hop head.