Sunday, March 11, 2012


Folks from up in Minnesota know they've got a good thing going with SURLY BREWING, a top-drawer purveyor of excellent craft beers packed away in cans. From the word "go", SURLY had the ears and tongue of a nation, and I made it a priority to try and hunt down their beers, especially after the first one I tried, FURIOUS, nearly made me pack up my snow gear and start driving north. I've been telling you of late about this four-beer eBay IPA purchase I made against my better judgment, and this is beer #3 that I've tried (the others you can read about here and here). #4 is something called GANDHI BOT, and is a full-on mystery to me. When my tongue and insides recover from all these IPAs I've been having, I'll give that one a go and let you know how it went.

SURLY "ABRASIVE ALE" certainly telegraphs its intentions in its name. Turns out it's all sound and only a little fury - this is a beautifully-balanced, malty Double IPA. Great aroma, just a big whiff of fresh hops, and a foam head that looks good and stays there for a long time. It's a little creamy, too - and like another big favorite, Southern Tier Gemini (which the excellent Kaedrin Beer Blog just wrote up), it layers the biting hops on after the grainy, creamy malts. In a category in which the differences between beers (IPAs) are generally pretty subtle, some just stand out on taste alone, and while I like a real bitter biter, I'm most partial to a hoppy beer that goes down easy and has flavors beyond the hop. This is an excellent addition to that slice of the pie. 9/10!

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Mark said...

I need to find a Surly source so that I can try... actually I'd like to try just about everything from their catalog. (And thanks for the link!)