Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It didn’t take much to get me ponying up a few sawbucks for this beer. It was brewed by the Danish wanderers at MIKKELLER on the premises of DE PROEF brewery in Belgium. De Proef, man. One of the world’s greatest brewers – the makers of ZOETZUUR FLEMISH ALE, WITTE NOIR, SIGNATURE ALE, LA GRANDE BLANCHE, MONSTRE ROUGE and so many others, either solo or in collaboration with other heavyweights. Just by brewing on their equipment, one might expect Mikkeller to have a little magic brewing pixie dust rub off and make for a fantastic ale, wouldn’t that be right? As it turns out, it’s right as rain and then some.

MIKKELLER made a smooth, creamy porter over there at De Proef, and they called it “BARREL-AGED CHIPOTLE PORTER”. It was aged in whiskey barrels, and usually that means something big and vicious, and yet BACP is clocking in only at a mere 6.6% alcohol. At first sip I was floored. This is absolutely delicious. While I can’t taste any “chipotle” or much south of the border spicing of any kind, what I am getting is a luscious, ABYSS-style dark concoction that’s drinkable and smooth let all get out. Nope, no chipotle. I kept looking for it, too. Just a fantastic porter that’ll stand against all comers and give ‘em a beatdown. 9/10.


Sean said...

The only chipotle flavor I got from this was a bit of smokiness. There was no heat, that is for certain.

I agree that this is a keeper.

Mark said...

I want. I was just wondering the other day if there were any barrel aged beers south of 9%, and this seems like it would fit the bill perfectly. As for the chipotle, I think I'd like the fact that it isn't prominent, as most "spicy pepper" beers I've had come off as unbalanced and weird... but I've had a few that are really subtle, and I think that works. It adds complexity to the beer without overpowering anything.

Dave said...

Nice find. I really enjoyed the reg version. Need to search for this one.

Mark if you can someone get them, Hill Farmstead makes a lot of beer below 9% that they barrel age.