Sunday, March 4, 2012


There are a few "Double" IPAs out there that really get tongues waggin' when they make their yearly appearance in bottles. The list seems to be morphing and changing as new brewers come online - your THE ALCHEMIST and whatnot - but one perrenial is BELL'S out of Michigan and their much-loved HOPSLAM. It only comes in 12-ounce bottles, so you've really got to sit down and savor it if you want to do it justice. I tried to my best the other evening, having scored one of these in a (gasp!) eBay purchase of IPAs I can't find within 100 miles of my house.

Way back when I reviewed this beer on my Hedonist Beer Jive blog - wow, 2007! It's been five years since I had my first  and only Hopslam. I cheekily called it a "great West Coast IPA", like the homer I am. I liked it almost as much half a decade later. It's a real bitter one, and it's redolent of pine and hop juice. No surprises here. Definitely a big one, but fairly approachable nonetheless. I'd probably call it a little less sassier than the RACER X I reviewed on Friday - that's a little more biting, if you can believe it - this one I think you could probably handle a few of and so could your mom. Maybe not the gold standard, but a pretty doggone good 'un nonetheless. 7.5/10

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